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Balancing Rocks


Social Media, Story Telling and More

Digital interactive web banner that linked to a storytelling product and integrated social media for awareness of safe medicine use. Popular web series in English and Spanish.


The Power of Partnerships and Alliances

Developed an integrated marketing communication strategy to support vaccination uptake, broaden community involvement, and engage multi-sector alliances.


Educator's Tool and Nutrition Guide for Parents

Character driven and illustration story books  to support diabetes education curriculum guides, parent's nutrition shopping guides and community engagement within East Los Angeles School System. 


Vaccine Education and Awareness

Building vaccine confidence awareness with clear messages, interactive products with true stories, and health ambassadors. Message and creative delivery engaged qualitative research for targeted audience feedback with virtual listening sessions, surveys, and video integration.


Serious Health Game for Diabetes Prevention

An engaging health game to help with type2 diabetes education and supporting a lifestyle intervention program. Engaging qualitative and quantitative research supported by a clinical trial with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fun avatars, wearable integration and tracking with support system.


Communications Strategy and Digital Community of  Practice for HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health

Vaccine confidence and healthcare provider support for a collaborative digital community of practice. A detailed communications strategy, recruitment and vetting of community members, to share resources and best practices.

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